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Develop the creative potential of your company

  • Do you want to increase the creativity of your teams?


  • Would you like to increase the innovative quality of your project portfolio?


  • Do you want to find original, less conventional and more motivating ideas more quickly for your clients?

CORPEN trains you to make your teams autonomous in the implementation of creative strategy of problem solving.



CORPEN designs tailor-made training according to your needs and the maturity level of your teams. Our training combines theoretical contributions, tools and games to put into practice. They are intended for all audiences and industries.

  • We train teams that need tools and methods to increase their creative potential.


  • We also train managers, whose goal is to animate, motivate and maintain a creative spirit in the company.



At the end of the Corpen training sessions, you and your teams will be able to:

  • Propose creative approaches from a given / imposed subject

  • Find more original and relevant ideas to solve a problem

  • Easily engage creative dynamics in the company.

  • Characterize the innovative interest of an idea and optimize the project portfolio.

Some concrete examples of training carried out by CORPEN:

  • In-company or inter-company training

  • Training of young PhD students from the University of LYON - Module C2 "Tools of creativity and Innovation"

  • Training of engineers for the creativity and entrepreneurship program at Ecole Centrale of Lyon

  • Program management at the LYON ISCOM in the 5th year grades "Brand and Innovation Management"

Rate of satisfaction of our clients on questionnaire after training:

  • Overall Satisfaction Rating: 97%

  • Content Rating: 91%

  • Satisfaction rate on the trainer: 96%

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