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Solve a strategic problem by finding innovative solutions!

  • Are you facing a technical, organizational or strategic problem within your company?

  • Do you want to develop your thinking and find innovative solutions to your evolution projects?


  • Are you looking for new ideas to help your teams break down the knots and hinder the development of your business?

CORPEN supports you in the resolution of these different problems thanks to original methods.



CORPEN works with you by designing and conducting tailor-made workshops  based on problem analysis and creativity. We work with your experts or with the help of external experts if necessary, according to your objectives to be reached.

  • We use problem analysis methods and structured creative tools such as TRIZ or Lateral Thinking.


  • We guide and energize the working group with playful approaches to bring out ideas "out of the box"


  • We help you to better structure your ideas for an effective implementation of your action plans

We always commit our approach to your customer objective and keep Science as a basis for our work.



Using creative working methods, CORPEN leads and drives working groups towards innovative solutions, removes the barriers to creativity, make new ideas to emerge, to obtain the goals defined together.

  • We create enthusiastic, dynamic and productive working groups


  • We give your teams the necessary impetus to take a completely new look at the obstacles to development


  • We find together original qualified solutions, easy to implement and meeting your expectations

We rely on structured R&D strategies taking into account the Physics of your products

Some concrete examples of problems solved thanks to CORPEN:


  • How to make a roll of paper without a cardboard inner mandrel?

  • How to improve the thermo-stability of organic products?

  • I want to launch a new range of lubricant, how to proceed?

  • I need to design a mechanism that triggers alone and delivers a drop of liquid, how to do it?

  • How do I make my patents more robust and secure?


  • I want to evolve my business model.

  • How can I change my social network?

  • I would like to develop a range of gluten-free biscuits

  • I'm looking for a new brand name

  • I need to find a brand universe for a new range of yogurt

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