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Capitalize your reasoning and master your knowledge to better innovate

  • You are generating more and more documents and yet no one finds the relevant information at the right time


  • Your experts leave you, you store 100% of their documents but lose 90% of their know-how?

  • Your teams regularly work on the same issues and have trouble getting in touch with people who have already worked on the topics

CORPEN helps you to structure the knowledge and know-how within your company and to capitalize on the links your experts make between the problems and the knowledge acquired to solve them.




CORPEN uses the I2Kn method, an innovative methodology for modeling reasoning and recording problem / solution couples, developed by MEETSYS with whom we work in partnership.

I2Kn is a collaborative method and tool that brings together technical actors (experts and users), know-how and "robot portraits" of the solutions they have developed.

Together, we identify the key experts of the company and structure their reasoning through interviews.

We build your initial "Problems / Solutions" knowledge base and then train your staff (expert and user) to become autonomous.

Your document base is unchanged and is related to I2Kn base.




Using this innovative approach, CORPEN helps you accelerate your innovation process. Our method allows you to connect your experts by their know-how, capitalizing their reasoning rather than their written reports and allowing you to anticipate the generation of relevant concepts.

  • We identify your experts, highlight them and relate them to each other.


  • We give teams quick and easy access to experts who have already solved problems similar to theirs.


  • We accelerate the training of new entrants through direct access to the basic reasoning and tests / errors already made.


  • We create for and with you a collaborative and liveable database / knowledge that can be shared with clients or suppliers to work together on projects.


  • We propose you a tool that better meets the ISO 9001 standard requirements (§ 7.1.6) on the mastery of knowledge.

Some concrete examples of users of the method:

  • Worldwide groups: Hutchinson, LVMH, Air Liquid, Arcelor

  • Medium size company: ARaymond, Baikowski, Edixia Automation

  • A public base of physical effects:

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